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Kat Graham @katgraham

I have been feeling empty… Alone… No matter how hard I try to calm my anxiety it keeps on coming back… The shivers… That cold feet… Racing heart… I cannot explain… My 3 Yr old relationship came to an end… Knowing that finally my parents were happy about the man I loved… In the relationship we faced a lot of ups and downs… Mainly he used to make mistakes… And then comes the sorry… I forgive and we move on… But this time… He showed his true self it seems… According to my two only dear bestfriend… He was behind my money and not my love… But I felt the the love somewhere… Something inside me still wants him… Something inside me still… Don’t want to give up… We are not in any contact now… What should I do…? My friends say if I go talk to him now I would loose my self respect… Is it so? I don’t know… I do a lot of overthinking… Which leads to brain fog…

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Ricky @ricky_

Hey…I feel you should move on, you gave him many chances but looks he actually doesn’t value your love. You deserve someone better.

Take care 🧡

Kat Graham @katgraham

Maybe I deserve someone better… But I think I won’t be able to trust anyone anymore…

This thought has been deleted by the thought author
This thought has been deleted by the thought author

Kat Graham @katgraham

Thankyou karthikk. I will talk to myself first because I don’t know what I really want…


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