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I have been depression regarding my family issue. I have not been able to find a suitable groom for my sister for her marriage within our community since years.She is very good in all aspects. I am the only one in my family to do all these thing. For this, I always make myself accountable for it. I add that my level of positivity has been good and always admirable among people and I handle all the odd situation very good manner. But, in this condition, I feel my self depressed.

I will be much thankful, If you have a solution to control my depression in this situation.

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I can understand your feelings. But don’t feel depressed because of this. It is not in your hands. She is very good, then I am sure she will find someone who deserves her. You don’t have to worry about it. And you don’t have to rush. She deserves someone who is as good as her. In today’s time people marry in different community and caste and religion also. You should try to be open minded and focus on the qualities of the groom and his family. They should be decent, and good, caring and loving. You must keep looking for a good boy but don’t blame yourself or be strict on yourself. Have faith in God and keep looking, don’t stop. Your depression is justified. Your sister is important to you and you wish that she gets settled. It’s okay, she will. It will all happen. All good things. Be patient and don’t give up, and don’t be hard on yourself. Tell yourself it is okay, that it is all good. Everyone is healthy. It will all turn out good.


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