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I have been coping with my anxiety for the past months but at times I still feel suffocated, scared, and tired. Especially with stress πŸ˜” but I am trying and I won’t give up on myself. I was way worse a couple months ago and comparing it to now I have been better.

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Ana Banach @johnthejohn


Dear liz,
I can relate. It’s good that you’re trying. It’s even better that you won’t give up! Kudos to you. When I feel down, I write. Often times, it’s in the form of a diary…but it isn’t a diary. I just write in the form of a free verse poem.

Best of luck.

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Trisman. @trisman


atleast your trying your best for yourself time to time its better to think about your self then others. the most importance is your self before others I know it may be selfish but u gotta be mentally stable to help others. so keep at it if u need lemme know


Everybody in the present time is managing pressure by one way or another, as indicated by an investigation, 80% of grown-ups are battling with pressure, day by day. Not many of us are battling it amazingly and I have conversed with some of them and set aside some effort to record their recommendation, these attempted and tried strategies for managing pressure are noteworthy with their outcomes.

Be dynamic

Exercise won’t cause your pressure to vanish, however it will diminish a portion of the passionate power that you’re feeling, clearing your considerations and letting you manage your issues all the more tranquility.

Interface with individuals

A decent encouraging group of people of associates, loved ones can facilitate your work inconveniences and assist you with seeing things in an alternate manner.

Challenge yourself

Defining yourself objectives and difficulties, regardless of whether at work or outside, for example, learning another dialect or another game, helps manufacture certainty. This will assist you with managing pressure.

Evade undesirable propensities

Try not to depend on liquor, smoking, and caffeine as your methods of adapting.

Help others

proof shows that individuals who help other people, through exercises, for example, chipping in or network work, get stronger.

For more ideas about how to reduce stress, you can also visit this site:


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