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I have been anaemic for as long as I can remember. My haemoglobin is 6.5. Whenever I stand up dark galaxies flash in front of my eyes, yes I mean blackouts. I really wanted to become an athelete but my stamina is literally non existent and I’m scared of fainting due to exertion.

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Avni @avni

I feel you. Ive been anaemic since birth and the body just gets worse as you grow up. No stamina, no strength and energy.Buttt, u can slowly add supplements and iron rich foods to help with that.I am trying to do the same but issa tough ride. That however, should not stop u from becoming an athelete.


You’ve got to take things slow, then! Try taking good food and mild exercise, and then gradually increase your workout. Sometimes health becomes a limiting factor but we’ve got to accept and fight for some things more than others


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