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shubhangi @browngirl2550

I have become damm weird these days I am always happy and I chit chat with strangers only if they feel inclined 😂😂
I don’t feel hurt or sad and I don’t know why
I guess because I know that I want to live a life full of happiness like I want to enjoy every moment in my own way
I have to finish so many assignments study but it’s like I don’t feel stressed
I have a crush on a guy and I talk to him often but if he don’t feel like talking or saying anything I don’t feel hurt or bad
I feel like dancing and smiling all the time
I have toxic ex who I talk to sometimes but I don’t feel bothered rather I help that guy out and joke around with that guy
It’s like I have become a different person but in a good way 😂❤️

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Shubham @memanticc

you’re built diff

shubhangi @browngirl2550

Yeah I guess

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Shubham @memanticc

embrace it

aditya @addie

Perfect embodiment of super chilled

shubhangi @browngirl2550

Chilled to another extreme 😂


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