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I have become bitter . So so bitter . I don’t talk to people . People don’t talk to me . It’s a never ending loop and I am stuck .
Why am I the way I am ? Why can’t I be happy ?
I was sick for almost 2 years and now when I am heeling , I feel like mumma doesn’t like me much . She has been there for me . I love her so much . But I don’t things . Things are weird between us right now. Is it necessary for me to fall sick to get her to love me like she did ?
Maybe I am overanalysing. But I want to be happy and I am not . I can’t share things with people . It’s hard for me to talk about all this .
I hope things get better .

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Change your circle. You are influenced by something that you are experiencing rn. Think positive even if it is not happening around you rn. Read the power of awareness by joseph murphy. might help.


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