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i have back acne and chest acne. i dont know what is up with my body. there are really bad acne scars all over my back. this has got me in a really depressing stage and if there is someone who had the same problem as me and now recovered. please share. this has become my biggest insecurity. please help

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Viperconto @viperconto

Hi there. This may sound so stupid or pointless…but I have the same problem. Everyday there is new acne on my back or chest and sometimes bit big. It’s irretating really but the thing is I accept it. This is my body and it has its issues, so I accept my body as being part of who I am. And I know I am special. So please don’t feel depressed about it. It’s part of you and you are special. Why I came to terms with it it’s because I have other skin conditions witch is more unbearable than acne. I was born with a tipe of eczema on my hands and unfortunately no cure for it. So because it’s part of my identity I accept it as me. Many people won’t like you because of surtain conditions but there is some that accepts you for you. No matter what you have.


Guys try to check out from a dermatologist. Hope you get better.


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