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I have areally bad temper and I shouted at my best friend for a very silly reason . I have become like this coz I was bullied as a kid and had a rough childhood. I cant keep a relationship and I punch my way out of everything. I necer thought ill become the bully that I hated so much

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Hey, I’m sorry to hear that Mohith…I feel, sometimes our anger is not in our control. And it comes out in the wrong ways. But, the right thing to do would be to apologise to your best friend and tell them the reason for your outburst, tell them where the anger is coming from so that they know they haven’t done anything wrong or that they’re not to blame. The fact that you already realise that you’ve been rude to them is a sign in a positive direction. Try not to get into the self-loathing circle because that will not help you or anybody else. Just try to make amends, and know that it’s okay to mess up sometimes. We all do it.


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