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I have anger issues i dont know but i am always angry and upset with the ones i love or the people who love me . I always end up fighting with them badly and then spend my whole night crying i dont know what to do
I feel like i dont deserve to live bcoz i am never ever Happy with my life
I have everything in my life but still i m always hurt always crying and hurting myself
I feel like i dnt want to live like this and i should end my life but then i think of my parents and i realise that this would be the last thing i’ll do.
I am always lonely and i just cant take it
I cant keep on crying over everything
Something is me is dead and i dont have any idea what to do

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Join a sport. Trust me. Whenever you feel angry bite your tongue. Smile. And tell yourself “I won’t achieve anything with my anger. I won’t make things any better if I scream”. Count from 1-10 couple of times fast. And at the end of the day you can pour all of your anger and frustrations in the sport. Improve yourself with the anger. Hold it till you can release it without hurting others


I dont think so there is any sport that i like i dont like to do anything
I just want love that i am not getting and thats why i am always hurt

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Love is a need. But if you want love you have to give as well. With kindness. If you make a mistake apologize. If they are true, they will stick around. And never say you don’t like something without trying it. You would be surprised. The start is always hard. But that’s because we are learning. Learning how to calm down and think straight is not something we are born with. We develop this skill


Yes i got your point i think i should start controlling my anger otherwise things will end very badly soon and should start giving love too in order to get that.
Thank you so much for your advice i hope i will help me out fr sure

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I come from the same background. But a bit more aggressive. I never hurt anyone physically but I developed the habit of hurting myself. But that’s not the case. If you ever feel like giving up remind yourself that you are not a quieter. Quiters don’t make changes. But you will. That’s all. Good luck!


Yeah we have similar traits of hurting ourselves but thats the worst thing one should do
I will work on that for suree thanks a lot


its okay dear…everyone goes through such situations at some point of their life . Maybe you should talk to someone who you can trust…get the required help …maybe going to a therapist…dont be sad…everything will be alright…you are stronger than you think you are…


I have already trying sharing these things with my friend but i always fight with him too over little things so how is he supposed to help me if all i am doing is hurting him too


tell him how this has been affecting you…still if he doesnt listen do find someonelse to talk about this… maybe parents


I tried to talk to my sister about my anger and depression but she didn’t got it she thinks its normal but its not so i think i need someone to just understand my point and my issues and help me go through it
Thanks for ur help though it really helped me to think positively and to have hope in everything


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