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Aishwariya @aishwariya

I have always felt like i am a failure…good for nothing…i have always veen very lazy …i tried a lot of times to get rid of it but m not able to…i m in college…still dont know where m leading to…m not even passing in all the subjects…and coming from a place like kerala where almost all my family members and relatives are very much educated…i feel like a looser…even my parents thinks i can just say but cant do anything…i have never loved myself…i do cry at nights feeling helpless…cant remember anyone to whom I can go and vent my feelings out…but because of all this i have also developed anger issues…its getting more frustrating by each passing day…everyother day i would decide to change but i don’t know why but m not able to do so

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Hey! It’s okay to not know where you are leading to and what you will do after college gets over. With time, you will realise where you fit and what works for you. Give yourself time to do that and don’t be pressured by the world around you.
About the venting out part, i am glad you shared your struggle here. Try journal writing and try and share as much as you can on this platform. I am sure it will help you feel unburdened. Take care :)

Sejal Sharma @sejalsharma

Firstly you dont need to worry about future. Half of the students in college dont know where they are going so its okayy. Start loving yourself for who you are. Do smalls things that you like. Make promises to yourself everyday. Talk about your feelings. I am sure this will help you. :)


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