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I have always been the respectable and good employee. The management has been very impressed with my work all this while but since the last few months, my performance has been down, it has certainly not been great, I have not been able to achieve the targets. Honestly, there was a clear lack of verbal and monetary motivation. For a long time I have been on a low payscale and designation, I’m not saying that’s all that matters but somewhere somehow it may have affected me. I have very few people under me which is a good learning experience and I am directly reporting to the super boss. Recently, I started bucking up, becoming more confident and completing my pending work. It was day 2, and my Super boss called me to his office. It started with normal talks then slowly it turned to taunts, indirect references to how bad of a manager I am, not directly but by giving someone else’s instances. etc etc and I am not sure about how I should react to this. Right now I’m even more demotivated and upset and moreover afraid that this might be a cue or a signal or maybe a warning that I can be fired. I can’t share this with anyone else. I have potential in me but instead of helping me improve, this approach was taken. I used to be great, now I’m not. I want to be that girl again but I just don’t have the mind to.

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Khushboo @khushboo

Hi, thanks for sharing your problem with us. One thing i want to tell you is that please don’t get demotivated or don’t lose confidence. Make every instance a sort of motivation for you.
You can be that girl again who did her best at the job. Stay motivated. More power to you.

Deepanshi @deepanshigupta0

Hey… I know its a tough time for you but stay strong. You know you have the capability so just prove it. And don’t be demotivated. Try to be normal as you were before. I feel you got stressed because of work load and that inturns effect your work more. Try to remain positive bcoz its very important as you will always need positive vibes to do work efficiently.

Iam_withu! @iamwithu

Hey strong girl! 
Firstly kudos to u for self assessing ur self and trying to understand where or what could be the real issue! Very few do so. 
Secondly, please understand that there could be a possibility that these very same thoughts of not being able to get to the point where u see yourself at, could also be triggerring these thoughts that u may be fired. It’s never too late. You could possibly take words from your boss as a direction to get that ‘old u’ back. Maybe he too would have said that to you so that u invest time in urself and bring back the old u. 
Please understand that majority of the times we tend to overthink (pls note I am not saying u did, it’s just a slight chance that you have misinterpreted) . Maybe this is the guiding light u were looking for… 
Keep up your zeal and certainly the desire to be the old u. In fact nothing has changed. U are still the same. Just that u got carried away by work and it’s status and monetary benefits! 
U can. And I am with u in this.


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