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I have always been a studious student. Never failed anything. But now I don’t feel like studying. My exams are coming. It’s a matter of life and death for me but I haven’t studied and don’t feel like studying. Help me please.

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Simran @st1199

It happens and especially at this time when we are sitting home all day.
Same room, taking classes at one place and doing all the homework and everything can make us feel irritated and just feel lazy. So, don’t worry and it’s not a do or die situation. YOU HAVE GOT THIS!

Take a break firstly, so that you figure out things. Sometimes, when you don’t study and spend your whole day doing nothing or doing what you like and thinking the next day I didn’t study? That can make us motivated to study. Make a SCHEDULE and try working towards it even if you fail do it again the next day. With this, you will know you have to study, and rather than being lazy I better get my hands on the books.


I guess this dtaying at home has messed things up, go for a walk and refresh urself. Give urself 5 minutes to imagine what will failure look like and the curses u might get. That’s the biggest motivater


It’s not you it’s like most of the students going through this.
We can blame it on Covid 19.
It’s been like 9 months now I guess, when was the last time you went to school?
I know the on-line classes doesn’t feel the same way like the classes at school or college’s.
The environment isn’t the same.
You might have lost the routine of studying like you used to have before.
I would suggest try to get into that pattern you used to follow before the Covid try the baby steps.
You don’t need to push your self to stay like 5 6 hours a day.
Try with 30 minutes a day then 1 hour a day but you can do it like 30 minutes in a day and 30 at night.
I guess you had a time table before which you used to follow, you can try that now.


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