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I have always been a chubby person. I was always made fun of in school and college but i assumed that i wont have to go through the same at work/office because people would be much more mature there. But that was not the case. People here are so insensitive. They troll at me, make fun of me to the limit where i almost end up crying. It hurts so much. Why do people judge so much on the basis of looks? why do they care so much about my weight? I have an amazing personality and i just wish people would see me for that and not how much fat i have.

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I was 96 kgs till grade 10th. I have faced my fair share of bullying and trolls. would just like to say to you that please don’t let it get to your head. Love yourself and embrace yourself. Nobody can try to bring you down if they know that you’re not going to budge.

Sejal Sharma @sejalsharma

Dont let them get to you. Speak up. You dont owe anything to anybody. Fight for yourself. Love yourself enough that there words dont affect you.


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