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I have alot of anxiety and as much as I try to be positive, I always end up being having thoughts of death or something disastrous. And I have lived with this fear since I was a child and it got even more intensified when my dad had a heart attack last year. He’s okay now, touchwood, but I’m always worried about my parents health. It makes it very difficult for me to stay away from home since I’m a college student and there are times when I stay up late, crying and I just can’t sleep because I’m somehow convinced that all bad things happen at night time.

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Hi there. According to what I think, being positive wouldn’t be the answer to feeling better in such a situation. I think what might actually help is you really accepting the fact that life is transient and very uncertain and we might not know what will happen in the very next moment. Accepting this and then trying to making most of the life we have would be the best way to move forward!


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