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I have alopecia which is a disorder that makes your hair fall out. I’ve been in remission for a while and my hairs starting to fall out again and to make matters worse my support system is 6 hours away. I don’t have insurance to even get checked to make sure my body is okay. And my right eye keeps going hazy and the eye doctors think I could go blind in my 20s mind you I’m 19 rn and I can’t get checked out. My depression is worse and I’m having suck a hard time trying not to self harm when all I want to to do is end it cause the one person I could talk to is avoiding me cause his gf don’t like me.

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I’ve talked to my mom but she is a single mother who has to help my brother with his college and I’m in Kansas she’s in Texas and she lives paycheck to paycheck trying to pay her bills. I’m struggling enough trying to pay my bills and now this all happens and so she’s stressing over me as well. Honestly I’m not okay


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