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I have acne and eczema and sometimes it’s really difficult to walk out of the house without feeling utterly insecure and conscious about my skin.

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Rohan @rohan

You don’t have to feel conscious and insecure about this! You are beautiful, inside out xx

Afreen @afreen

If you are conscious about your life due to your acne.
You can get it cured .
Not by going to the salon and just trying different packages.
Go to a good dermatologist .
May be max hospital
There are many reasons for acne hormonal imbalance or drink lots of water take good care of your skin when you are going out always apply sun screen before going out.
Avoid make up if you do
Have your veggies everyday
Avoid processed food
I go to max panchsheel to Dr ARVIND KAUR
if you wish go to him he’s a great dermatologist
Have a good day.

Gaurvi Narang @gaurvinaran...

Hey. Having skin problems is completely natural. I understand that one tends to feel self conscious but please remember that these things are natural and are part of our body. We must care for our bodies yes, so you should go to a doctor, but dont love yourself less because of it.

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Simran Patel @simranpatel

Hey, inner beauty matters more than anything else. Acne and eczema are temporary problems. Don’t let it make you feel any less beautiful.


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