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I have abandonment issues and called my boyfriend crying, in the middle of an anxiety attack at 2 am telling him all about it. I don’t want to ruin my relationship with him

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Hey it’s okay your feelings are valid , it’s good u were able to talk to him about it. U should learn to improve from this and u will get better with time , hopefully he understands you and everything that is you including all of this.

Amrita @amy1908

yes he was very gentle with me and he said that he understands where I’m coming from but I feel like me wanting to be around him so much will push him away and at some point he’ll just get sick of it and break up w me


It won’t don’t think that way but if I feel like u always need him and u can’t do anything about it by yourself sometimes then it could make u vulnerable it can make u depend on him too much that would become like a weakness so u should try to understand yourself n do something that makes u feel better makes u overcome it bit by bit


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