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Puja @meeehh

í have a strict mom, like all parents she also wants me to score good marks in everything but i’m an avg student only. In my fam ppl like eachother but we don’t have this bond ,always fighting, we barely talk. I rarely go out with friends now im used to it so i cancel all plans they make cuz either my mom won’t allow or i’ll be exausted.recently i got placed for which i was working hard and i was so happy.When i told this to my parents they were happy but idk maybe they dont know to express it butthat made me feel so low and today i shouted at them.Ik it’s a silly thing but idk whats wrong with me im feeling like killing myself beacuse i’m tiredliving like this. I don’t even have anyone to talk about my feelings i have many frnds but i trust none. Some are snakes, some are just there , some doesnt even care about how i feel.

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Ambesh Shukla @ambeshh1

I totally get it. Even I yell at my mom sometimes and I regret a lot later. I’ve never apologised for it, but i did it today, and it made me feel better, you should try it too. You don’t have to be with your friends to prove that you’re really bonding or something like that. It’s totally to explore, roam alone. I do it.

Ambesh Shukla @ambeshh1

Lemme know if you’d like to talk more about anything.


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