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I have a sister who’s a lot older then me, despite that she’s my best friend, I’m obviously not hers, she has lots of friends, more then I have or will ever have, but I have always thought when she starts a family, she’ll forget me, her children will be her everything. She can’t go to the movies, she can’t play videogames, she can’t even FaceTime anymore. And it will get to a point where we just stop talking to each other.

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chitti @girlnextdoor

Hi Dear, Even i have a younger brother who is my best friend. Though she may be busy with her frnds now doesn’t mean she dont care you or anything like that. Try to talk to her and express that you are feeling like she is not spending enough time with you. We cant decide the things happening in future now. No matter who comes in our life, sibling always matters.


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