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I have a relationship with a Guy who is 10 year older than me. He wanted me to marry him . But I don’t think I am ready now. But I love him.what should I do?Is my dream more important or my love?

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Break up and enjoy my friend

zaid @zeedd

Go get a life you idiot or you gonna regret your whole life after getting married to him

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shiva kumar @shivavolley99

Your dreams are important…than your love …but think wisely is he a understandable person then say him that it’s not time to marry …and ask him to wait a little bit…then once you got your dream and strike him…

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yash khatri @yash777

If u can make ur dream true with him then marry him otherwise break up

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Rohit Meena @jsjjwjnwsisj


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It really depends. If you are like 30, and he is 40, then the 10 years difference is not that bad. Especially if you two really love each other. But love often doesn’t last long. Think about it. Is your dream something that will make you happy? Is it worth giving it up for a love that isn’t sure to last a lot? And if he loves you, he will wait for you as long as you need. Marriage isn’t that necessary, neither that important. It’s more important that you two wait long enough to know a lot about each other, and also achieve what you planned. Marriage is when you already lived your best, youngest years and you are ready to give yourself to what your marriage will bring - often kids :p good luck 💜


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