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i have a relationship of 6 years. My education is completed but due to covid i am unable to get a job. My boyfriend is settled as he is handling his father’s business. He is two year elder to me. Now he wants our families to talk about our future and take thia relationship ahead. But i dont think i am ready for this step as i want to get stability. I love him a lot but i am unable to give him committment for this step. We are in long distance relationship and due this distance we end up with fights and issues. I am helpless and totally confused what i should do.


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Unless you want to be a stay at home mom you should probably find stability first


You need to tell him your say in this. I’m sure he will try to understand your point of view. If you don’t want to take this step, don’t let anyone force you into this.


I’m facing something like this …you better tell him about that you need time to grow discuss on that … It okay if you don’t agree and might go to different paths …it’s hard but you should put your self first


Tell him you need time to think and you need both of you to be on same levels. And whatever issues you are facing, just tell him. I hope you have a healthy communication and a beautiful relationship.