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I Have a quite friend since we were at elementary school, whenever he sees me alone he will always come to my side and ask me about myself or any other certain topic, he help me alot at school works and he always listen to me when i got problems or something to tell. I followed him here at private highschool cause i wanna see him improve and i always wanna be with him, he was my first friend and at highschool he became entirely different like he became so quite and only talk when its necessary or whenever i talk to him but if he someone tries to talk to him and he thinks it was idiotic he will just said i’m not interested w/o hesitation. At 8th Grade i became his classmate again and i always thought that he never had any problems or get through it easily, However i arrived one time earlier than usual and i saw him sitting alone and it was like he got problem and was about to cry, i approached him and he suddenly change his mood to somewhat happy and i knew that he was just acting happy and hurting inside. I cannot do anything for at that time i don’t know how to really comfort others. A few months later after that day our teacher showed us a show about a guys Girlfriend died, and i look into his reaction and he was about to cry and his hands are shaking,after class that day i said to him “You’re about to cry to the movie eh? Hahahha” and with a sad face he said “I cried for i know what that guy has felt for i’ve experienced the same pain he had” i saw a tears in his eyes and he looks like he wants to let his feelings out but he just held it. 2 years later Yesterday i saw him on his way to church alone i secretly followed him and i saw him light a candle, i tried to sneak up near to him and hide behind a car, after lighting the candle i heard him said “Happy birthday babe, i wish we could celebrate it together again like last time, there’s alot of things i wanna tell you, my achievements, what’s been happening to my life and more. I wanna say it all in front of you, i wanna hear your voice and hold your hand. There’s alot more i wanna say to you, but this is all for now, Rest in peace and Happy Birthday” i can say that he was crying while saying that. I just hid into a car until he left. This morning i ask him, do you still love your gf who died, he said “Yes, i love her so much for she is the only girl behind my mom who accepted me for who i am and loved me so much. I know i gotta move on and find a new one but i plan to stay like this for a while.” i’m like dang he even answered my next question. He changed the topic and later on he asked me to play games with him. The quite person really have experience alot of pain

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