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I have a math exam in two days and I feel like I don´t know anything, I feel dumb and sad. I´ve struggled with math my whole life and it´s really frustrating because I feel like it is consuming me because I try so hard to be better at it. It always feels like I´m getting better but then I don´t do it correctly and I end up failing. I think i´m understanding but then they teach me new content and then when we go back to the first content i´ve forgotten all of it. And I try to study but I end up feeling worse. I do all my homeworks, study and pay atention to the class but when i dont understand, i crumble.

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Math isn’t the definition of success in life. All you can do is to put in your best effort. There are many opportunities in life where you will be able to showcase things that you are excellent in, and there are so many opportunities today to be able to shine. Gone are the days where people expect you to study engineering, and you are forced to do something against your will.

Think of Math as a challenege, and try your best to overcome this challenge. Que sera sera.


I totally relate to how you feel.
When I was younger, I felt exactly the way you did. Math sure has a way to get on our nerves and question our intelligence.
But trust me when I say this, one subject does not define you. We’re all good at different things.
You’re working hard and putting in the best effort you can and that really matters. Focus on concepts that seem the easiest to you and ensure that you do them really well. And for the concepts that seem hard, try your best to do them, but if you can’t, don’t stress over it. Just focus on what you do know well and go all out on that.
You’re gonna ace this, okay?
I’m pray your paper is easy peasy lemon squeezy and you rock it! 💙

Just remember, no matter what the result, your effort is what matters the most! And you’re doing the best you can! 😃


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