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i have a lot of things to do and it gets a bit too much sometimes as a 15 year old. i have school, camps, dance, a blog to work on and an ig page. sometimes I just feel tired and hopeless, although I know it’s just a phase because it’s not for the first time. staying at home, and trying to do juggle everything is hard to handle sometimes. plus, I’m always looking for people to hype me up and tell me I’m doing ok to the point where it’s kinda annoying and which means I usually don’t feel validated enough. moreover, I’ve also been getting a lot of hate on social media lately for something that I had put a lot of effort into and it doesn’t offend anyone so it hurts that people would take out time just to hate on it (it’s a food reel). the comments are not the cause of all my problems but it doesn’t help when you’re already feeling low.

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Hello dear ❤️
I know you’ve been going through a lot of things these days, but trust me everything is gonna be OK. If nobody does I believe in u. Never let these negative thoughts overcome ourselves. There are lot of good things coming for u. Talk it out, it helps.
One of ur well wishers 🤗❤️


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