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Rex Wrter @gaeds

I have a guy friend that I like.
It is our freshman year in high school and we are both in the same class. The first day we had met, we had exchanged like 2-3 words at most, and at the end of the day near the school gate, he said “nice to meet you” to me. But in a really sweet voice. A voice that made me think that he had a crush on me. I didn’t think too much about it, but I really liked the idea of someone loving me. We talked to each other more and more every day, but he would stop talking to me every now and then. I didn’t talk to him to make up for it because I didn’t have the courage to. The thought of him not loving me really pierced my heart every time it crossed my mind. That is how much I became obsessed with him. I cried so much that week. One day in chemistry class he walked up to me and silently whispered in my ears “is there anything wrong?”. I missed him so much that the first thing to come out of my mouth was “why haven’t you been talking to me for a week?”.
His voice became so annoying I felt worse than before. Later that day, he came to me again and we talked more, I felt better after that. After that day, he has been talking to me at least once every day (mostly) and I don’t feel alone when I am with him. I love him so much I feel ashamed of myself. I can’t talk to him, but I feel sad when I don’t talk to him. In our last conversation he said his goal was to go to a school outside the country for junior and senior year. Next year they are going to change our classes. I have less than half a year to spend by his side and still, I can’t talk to him. I am afraid of losing him. What do I do?

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Well, because sometimes you can’t really talk to him because he might be busy with other other things you know like homework or other activities. He can’t possibly focus his for attention on you because he has to commit to schoolwork and perhaps other activities and even the family. so it is not that he is ignoring you. It’s just that he is not talking to you Mike, because he might be busy with other things. 

Simple @simple_25

You are just overthinking… girl, you are in school it means you peoples have a lot to do …no one is sitting to talk everyday. And that boy is thinking about his career…support him.
Love is something which comes naturally… leave it if someone is meant to be yours…he’ll definitely gonna be yours…just focus on your exams and career

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Abhijeet A.K @akabhi

What ever I say or suggest you… You won’t listen to it I know bcoz ur in school and ur loving him one side… U don’t even he loves you or not but whatever it is I would tell you just say ur feelings to him and enjoy the remaining days and later if he goes aboard then after many years u will be older enough that u know what to do.


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