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I have a friend who I play Minecraft with. We know each other for a long time now and we always had fun together. Ever since he told me he is depressed the second time this year he started acting really aggressive towards me. I am annoying to him and he doesn’t want me to meet his friends because he thinks I might ruin their friendship. I feel useless, now he doesn’t want to play with me anymore or barely plays with me, he doesn’t talk much either. I feel like all I do is ruin his life because that’s what he said. I still have to be friends with him because my mom knows about his mental state and wants me to help him while I am not able to since I am not feeling that well too.

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Listen man I had a similar case but with call of duty instead one of my friends just started being a complete asshole to me so I just kind of cut him out of my group. I personally think you should try it at least just kind of ignore them for a week or two or tell him your not interested in whatever they want. If they dont appreciate you then just fucking ditch them the kid has other friends you said right and he thinks they’re better then you which I’m not saying is correct but from what I’ve read that’s what I guess.


I’m not a expert though so do what what you think is right


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