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I have a friend of mine who helped me a lot in achieving my educational goals. As I didn’t have many friends, I got attached him so much. I trusted him and even started loving him. I didn’t express my love initially but thought that he will understand it by my actions. I prioritized him more than myself. I was there for him whenever he needs. I even gave him physical warmth to make him feel better. It went well for few months. All of a sudden, he told that the relationship seems to be toxic. He started to avoid me. I used to apologize for mistakes I didn’t do. I literally gave up my self respect in the process of staying in touch with him. At one point of time, I expressed my love for him. He told that he didn’t have such feelings. As it’s individual wish, I respected his feelings. I don’t want to affect our 4 year long friendship. I just asked him to be my friend. I didn’t cross my limits later but he continuously avoided me. He made me wait at least for 3 days to get a reply for my normal messages. It drove me mad. I fought a lot about this. I asked only his friendship. But he still avoids me like anything.

I find it difficult to stay away from people who I love the most. That’s why I keep going to them even after they treat me badly. I’m a person who believes that there should be someone who should compromise in a relationship and adjust to hold on. But now I feel that I have completely lost my self respect in this process. I’m becoming unstable and losing my temper easily. It hinders my relationship with my parents and other family members. It also acts as a barrier to achieve my career goals.

I feel that holding on to him will eventually spoil my life. At the same time, I can’t stay away from him. I’m not able to make a decision. I badly want to focus my energy on positive direction to achieve in my career and life.

I don’t have anyone to share this with. So vented out in this platform hoping that there will be someone listening to me as well.

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Jack @jackschaner

Listening to every word…

I too have problems with staying next to people I shouldnt. One of my friends has done numerous things to hurt me and I still try and be nice to him. And I dont want to.

I know its incredibly painful to even think about saying that someone isnt interested in being friends, but you may have to accept it. To me it sounds like he has no interest or care about being friends with you, and im sorry about that, but it may be for the better. It would benefit you more to let him go than stretching yourself out over him.

Good luck.

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Dhadkan @angel14

Hey dear !!!
Damn that’s me…u r a replika …just happened with me…😅😅
Idk how but…this time I got more of self confidence .
Listen…we r humans we do get attached to ppl 😚
But at the same time… don’t forget that u should be the one in control of your emotions 🌈

After all u r the hero of your life dear …
U have come up in this world with a price… don’t waste god’'s efforts …

Also I ll tell u a trick to unlove anyone u want to 😉

U see we love the person cuz of his personality , nature , or lonliness … right ?
Now think about it …u can take up all that u loved the person for…n add it in ur personality ❤️
The lonliness …it doesn’t last forever …
Once you become what you loved the person for …u no longer find them superior…
The better n stronger u become the better men u ll attract 😉😉😉

Improve yourself…u r important…🌈🤗🤗
N compromise is to be done where it’s respected …
Be that boss lady n show the world who u r PRINCESS 🙈👍🐈
Good luck 👍😊😁 🙏🙏


Need a healthy conversation with you dear!!


we want what we cant have, it can be very awkward having someone who feels more for you than you do for them. he probably wants you to move forward in his absence, just like you wanting to hint to him that you loved him he probably wants to step back so he doesn’t hurt you, him avoiding and distancing himself is probably his hint to you that you gotta find someone that wants you too. being a hindrance to someones love life sounds pretty bad to me and i’m sure it sounds equally bad to him. People come and go, don’t be afraid of losing him, just make sure to remember him and the good times y’all had.


Absolutely… I’m here to listen u !!


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