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Mahadev Shiva @shivakarnik...

I have a friend in college. He is my best friend but he doesn’t know who I am and sometimes he sees me as just a classmate.
He is the one who stood by me when I had a problem and he knows everything about me and knows about my disability.
Many times I felt that he didn’t even see me as just a classmate. Seeing me as a stranger.
I know he must be busy too because I didn’t talk to him because I didn’t talk to him, but when he’s busy, just ask me, no one in this world is too busy to say hi.
I started to feel that he was cheating on me.
What should I do should I keep quiet with him or break the friendship with him?
Because he is a good friend to me, I am going after him, but if I am bothering him, it is better not to bother him in any way.
It’s been 2 days since I spoke to him. He didn’t even speak to me, I was so foreign to him.
I have often asked him “is my friendship okay with you” and he either laughs or scoffs at everything.
What should I understand from this? 🥺

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Don’t overthink … !

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