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riddle @riddle

I have a exam in next 15 days.

The exam that could change the entire course of my life. Probably the most important exam of my life yet.

But I still don’t feel like studying.

I don’t know why my brain is resisting studying even when it’s so important.

I just need my focus back.


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It happens because you have given so much importance to the exam, and dwarfed yourself, now it looks a big pile of mountain. Start small , study a tiny portion , start somewhere and then cover up parts which you love or have command over, then will come the harder part.
Also study smart look for chapters that are easy to score and have good weightage also. All the best

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susmita @susmitahere

I am going through the same phase 😭😭

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It sounds so over rated, but genuinely stop a minute and take a deep deep breath and realize that you have the power in yourself to achieve your dreams. Then ask yourself what you really really want and then choose the action that will lead you to your dream.


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