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I have a crush and in the 1st wave of corona i kept the 1st step forward, i msged him for the first time. And we became good friends. There is a friend of mine and i think my crush like her but when i ask he says she is just a friend. But i know its not, sometimes maybe he doesnt know that he likes her. But for some reason he changed so quickly. Before he change we chat everyday even for no specific reason. But now he msg things with dont care mood. He msges very friendly when he needs answers for clz hw. And then again back to normal after i give them. Srsly im sick of him now. He is not my crush anymore. But the same time i cannot let him go. I mean i want the friendship we had. Now im thinking of it very hardly and it makes me sick. Dont know wt to do :(

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i get you, you might not have the confidence but if you do just ask him do you like her what ever her name is if you guys still talk tho cuz if its out of nowhere that would be weird or just go straight through and be like " hey! idk whats gotten into our friendship but it used to be different and i really miss the connection we used to hvae if you dont want to be close anymore you can just tell me" idk if you like that but if you dont girl its fine there are many boys out there that could be your friend just go out and make your circle bigger enjoy your life to the fullest


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