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I have a colleague who is just like my sister. We have great terms and bond well but she is dominating. She doesn’t listen to any of the suggestions that I have to give and always feels the need to have an upper hand in all situations. She has other friends and the seniors admire her but I feel I am more experienced than her and that I deserve some recognition too.

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Kashika @kashika

You don’t always have to take the backseat, you know? You can always work harder, and always bring your work to notice and no it will not be called selfish because it would be something you would deserve.

Khushboo @khushboo

It usually happens among our colleagues. But to prove that we are  better, we have to show it through our actions and end results. Words are not enough. So if you are more deserving and experienced, try to show it from your work that everyone will admire you. All the best.


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