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I have a boyfriend, we’d been together for 4 years. We broke up 3 months ago today, and he already jumped into a new relationship after we broke up. Months passed he texted me that he misses me, and he’s having an anxiety attack. He told me that I am the only one who can understand him, but it felt weird because he has a girlfriend, we cant be together like we used to be. But ofc, he’s still my ex, I still care for him so I decided to help him although I’m hurting haha. He even told me that he want to have a break up with his girlfriend but he cant because the girl has a depression and he might feel guilty if he hurts the girl. I really don’t know what to do. I love my ex but I don’t want to hurt the girl. So I just tell my ex that time pass he might be in love with his girlfriend. I’m going to be hurt whether I choose to leave or stay. Maybe I need to let him go for them to find their peace and also mine? hehe.

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I think you should let him go and find your own happiness, i mean he doesnt want to break up with the new girl because she had depression? , so what about you? Ok for a quick solution . Go travel and see the beauty of the that you didnt even know😀


Awww thank you :(( ur’e right and it made me sad. I want to travel but I can’t because of pandemic.


I am alone too… If I can be your friend to help you in any way then please let me know…… mail me please


Ofc, we can be friends. Thank you 😊


Leave him find someone better. Trust me I’m struggling with a similar decision i know the right choice but i just can’t bring myself to make it.


Are u okay?

Ur’e right, maybe I could find someone better someday


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