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I have 7 years of work same company,a guy joined as a contractor and I gave training for him.he got permanent position when he have 2 years experience. His salary now is more than mine,but I am doing work thrice as him.when I approached my manager on this,he told me to look out.i am currently pregnant not in a position to look out. Now I am in a situation where I cannot look for a new job outside but have to continue the current job with overtime work

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Avni @avni

This is a classic example of wage and workplace discrimination based on gender. I suggest keep working here for the time being as you need the money. Once you have enough, leave the place for good. You deserve better and you certainly have the credentials for it.

Khushboo @khushboo

Hi, thanks for sharing your instances with us. It’s really disappointing when someone don’t appreciate our efforts. I can feel what you are going through.
Please stay motivated and perform your best. Don’t worry about other things. Take care.

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Simran Patel @simranpatel

It sucks when your workplace doesn’t recognise and appreciate your efforts. You need to bring it to the notice of higher authorities and at least ask for a sensible explanation for the same!

Prem @prem

Hello maam
I wouldn’t say its a gender discrimination but I wont even encourage it.It IS unfair.

When I used to interview several guys to work under me,they used to mention expected CTC which was much higher than mine,we both being male.

When this happened with me,I never approached the senior because I personally feel that they should and must be knowing our efforts and they themselves should increment the salary as an appreciation.However,I am also wise enough to know that this kind of expectation from the boss is unrealistic.So I chose the only option I had:to look out.

The difference between your and my condition is that you are pregnant due to which you are unable to switch at this point of time and you got to work extra hours.

For late sittings,I suggest you to make your trainee to sit with you and understand the things.This way he will be able to handle them next time.Moreever,you can request your compnay for work from home since you are pregnant.

Once you go for maternity leave you can start looking out.

I don’t know your age and experience but I think I shall tell you this: dedicated people are required everywhere,probably the Universe wants you to move to a better place because your current employer doesn’t deserve a hard working employee like you.And that is why this incident has happened.
Take it positively!
You deserve better!
And my best wishes for upcoming motherhood!♥️


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