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I hava a very good friend …
All he do is play games and watch movies
He always advice and guide me …he has always been with me in my bad times but
Yesterday when I had a conversation with him …he said
"It’s not like m leaving you or something like that, we are friends and always be friends but now you should stop talking to me "
It was really not him and was being weird…I asked him what is this all shit abt …and he said
“When I’ll be no more so it’s obvious that you won’t be able to talk to me anymore”
And it was so sudden that I didn’t know how to react …it was nearly 11 at night…I said him to meet me up tomorrow but he denied he said
“I am scared of coming out in a public place”
So to comfort him I said if you don’t wanna come out don’t worry I’ll come to your place but he didn’t agreed to it …
And today he is having an appointment with doctor…

I really don’t know how to comfort him …he think so lowly of himself…he uses the words like trash for himself …he don’t know what he want to do in future … everyone just use him and when he needs help no one is there to help him …also he has inculcated so much anger that he gets furious in very small small things …and because of that sometimes says the things which he would never say … cause of this he also had a fight with his mother …

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Kharthika @kharthika

Do not leave him alone. Try contacting him. Directly go to his place. Make sure he knows that you’re there for him. Do what he likes. Take and go his favourite food. Do everything possible to make him feel better.


Give him space but let him know that u r there for him no matter what.


Hey i would tell go talk to him if he is not listening just give him a tight hug and say im here with u and u r not alone
I guess this line is enough for him to fight the world
And best thing a best friend can do may be boy to a girl or girl to a boy
It helps try it


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