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I hate when I sit here and nip pick at all my flaws. My insecurities are stretched to the max and it causes me to disassociate myself from everyone. I need to be more positive in myself and realize that I’m a beautiful person inside and out. We should all be confident in the type of person we are. I’m challenging myself everyday to say one positive thing about myself.
So far it’s weird but I think with day by day positivity, my flaws wont always be on my mind.

Post anonymously?

Keep it up…so proud of u…:)


Hope you are doing well. There are times when we think about all the possible negative things! Once you’ve started it’s difficult to stop…I understand. You know what’s different/special about you? The fact that you yourself have realised that I need to improve and so are challenging yourself on everyday basis! That’s great! Not everyone can do that! Keep it up! I am very proud of you for not giving up and for trying your best!
Keep doing this and I am sure you’ll be able to see the best version of yourself!
Lots of love and light to you! ✨😊


Damn you’re really a strong one❤️ And yes telling you the truth you’re beautiful as you are ❤️ Just don’t think about your flaws you’re an amazing person ❤️


Thank you 💗


You’re welcome mam ❤️Just keep working on yourself and be successful ❤️ All the best for your future and have a great day😉

More power to you!
I’d like to add that you are your only competitor.
And as far as I can read you’re doing great & achieving good lengths.
Hope you’ll one day get rid of any negative thoughts about you


Wow I never thought of it like that. That’s so true and thank you so much for the positive comment. I really appreciate it!