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Tanmay @skinnyjean2611

I hate Physics… I get the concepts but i am not able to solve the questions i love maths and chemistry but i think physics will ruin my future, due to physics now i dont even know what i wanna do in the future, do i wanna pursue music, which most people fail and end up broke, or do i wanna go into engineering, which also most people fail and end up broke, sometimes i think i made the wrong decision of taking science i loved science but now i just hate it. I dont talk to any of my friends anymore, I only talk to my best friend once a month rarely,…
I think that everyone around me is studying really hard but i cant do that even if i study for a lot of hours for a physics test i still get average or below-average marks and if i cant score good marks, i would not get a good college and i would not be able to become anything in life ahh and now its also the end of my 11th and i dont know how will i even score good marks in my boards cause after seeing my coaching classes test marks i get really demotivated and i cant study for days

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Rahul Jadhav @rahuljadhav


Watch walter lewin lectures & also Richard feynman’s lectures & one more YouTube channel lighthouse named or anyone else beacuse if you hate physics you’re definitely learning it from a wrong teacher


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