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I hate myself, why can’t I get a good grades for my exams and make my mom proud of me for at least once? Why can’t I make myself useful for at least once? Why can’t I feel confident for myself for once?I’m really trying, but I still couldn’t see the results for my efforts… People keep on asking me to try harder, I tried my very best but everyone still insist I should try even harder. I’m getting really desperate…what should I do?

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We both feel the same. Try to know the fact that even if you fail, you tried your best. And no one can change that😊


Ok, well first you may need to tell all these people to let you some space, that you need to take some breath from all this presure. Oh, and the first step to be confident for yourself is stop hating you, understanding you’re a human being that you’ve tried your best and that the educational system is not perfect nor are you. And talk to someone, someone you trust, someone you know that won’t judge you. It feels good, believe me.


I guess because you are not made for the subjects you are studying. What to do like to do? Your hobbies? your interests? What makes you happy? Go for that it maybe any different subject, sports,dance,music it could be anything. Study that genre and you will see your results. It is your decision what you have to do. Don’t listen what others are saying because eventually you have to do. They’re not going to do it for you. Don’t stress and love yourself.


If your mom is not proud of you for you, somethings wrong with her, not you


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