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I hate myself so much, it hurts
I’ve loved her every single day,
Every minute I was spending with her
Was making me more and more vulnerable,
I’m not good at words but,
I was getting deeper and deeper
with the fact I’m in love with her,
I know that I’ve done bad things that hurted her,
And can be unforgivable
But I was changing slowly,
I wish I’ve never came to her place that night,
things could’ve been good right now,
I’ve never hated her,
I remember every single day I’ve spent with her,
Every single detail,
I was so obsessed with her,
And until today I’m surviving not living,
And I now a fact that I’m crazy about her
I just wished she could feel what I’m feeling
I swear I was ready to do anything
that makes her happy, anything
I love her so much
I wish there was a way to prove it
I love her more than myself.

I’m now with my family
Nothing feels better from inside
I steel feel emptyness
I’ve forgoten who I’m
Every day is just becoming
Harder and harder to live
Lonelyness is dominating
Even I’m surrounded with good people
I’m trying to change but I can’t
It’s just overcontrolling me
Sadness, emptyness, brokenheart
Nothing’s helping
I’m just tired of everything
I’m burning
My brain is away
My heart is suffering in silent
If I had one wish
I’ll choose to sleep forever
Never wake up
I don’t know what am I at this moment
And I don’t know what to do
I 've lost the taste of life
I’ve forgotten how to live
How to enjoy things
She was literally my everything

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What have you done that has hurt her so much?

Suhani Gulati @sonigulati1...

Yes what did happen


it was a night when i came to her place because i missed her, and i asked her why she stopped texting and calling, she told me you’re the one who’s doing that, when heard this i couldnt ressist so started screaming telling her that im not the only one in this relation, so she told me that she want to breakup and i asked her why she did not answer and told me to leave.
Two weeks after we’ve met and asked her another time why did you break up with me and she started to say that she’s independent and that her choice, i just wanted to know why so i insisted then she told me, You’re not enough and not my type after 2 YEARS, i was shocked because this entire time i was in love with that person.


+ she was my only friend

This thought has been deleted by the thought author

And now it’s been 6 months that i’ve been lockedup in my house and not talking to anyone

Suhani Gulati @sonigulati1...

I have been like this since month but i am trying to distract myself i have not been myself since a long time my heats broken


yeah me too

Suhani Gulati @sonigulati1...

I love him so much it hurts to not to be able to talk to him


yes its so hard, if only i can have a chance to talk to her again


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