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Body DysmorphiaThought

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i hate myself. i hate how i look. no matter how much weight i lose i just look fat. i weigh so much and hate my stomach. i hate my boobs, i hate my butt, i hate everything i dont have a cute body, my face is kinda pretty but i hate my body so much. why couldnt i get a pretty body?? a decent butt, cuter boobs, a better stomach? i have a decent shape as well as my hips and hour glass shape but i weigh alot so its not even worth it. ill never be one of those girls. ill never have a bf, ill never get loved unless theyre a chubby chaser and thats there kink? i dont wanna be a kink?

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Tanya Singh @dbtanya01

Before you start worrying about whether anyone will ever love you, you should start loving yourself unconditionally, loving yourself the way you are.
Before you say that you hate your body just think about the fact that how much your body has done for you, think about the fact that your body has been with you and will be with you till the end. Rather than hating it, you should accept it and then start working on it to make it better. Don’t hate your body just because you think no one will ever love you or accept you, NO!!! Love yourself, love every part of your body and when you starting loving yourself, people will not care how you look. Acceptance is the key. Accept that your body looks in a certain way, love it the way it looks, and then start working to make it better. It will take time, but the end results would be amazing. You have to make sure that whatever you do, you do it for your own self, for your betterment, and not for anyone else.

Don’t hate your body, your body has done so much for you. Be thankful that you have something that many people are deprived of and work to make it better every day.

Always remember, self-love is very important.

All the best!!!

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Dev @orangeshoes

What you talk about when your talking to another person. I’ve fallen for girls irrespective of their shape and size. Sure, it’s hard to catch attention, but once you have a person in front of you in a conversation, there’s a pretty good chance for anything and everything.
If you attach an expectation with losing weight to arouse romance in the people you’re interested in, it’s a dangerous game.


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