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I hate myself for this, but I really envy how some people can connect with people so easy. I have this friend who talked to a new girl in class and as I expected, they connected smoothly and I felt envy for that.
Gaining trust of others was so easy for me, now seems like an impossible task. I guess it has to be bc I’m always like having a fight with myself for everything and that affects how I express myself or something but yeah it sucks not having friends to connect like that with

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Yeah, some people are just naturally really good at making conversations with anyone and everyone. It’s very easy for them to make friends. I envy that too at times but then I feel that having a few good friends is always better than having a sea of friends. So even if you have one person you can fall back onto, you’re sorted. But guess what? You’ve always got yourself and that’s the only best friend you’ll actually ever NEED. Take yourself out on dates, for coffee and for movies. Have fun with yourself and enjoy time spent with yourself. Get to know YOU


Same! You’re totally right! I’m so self-conscious and always blame myself even when I’m not at fault. And this has made me realise that I need to know and treat myself better


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