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I hate my sister so much, because she give badluck to our family for being teenage pregnancy. I hate my mother so much for not telling the truth about our family debt even to my father. And I hate myself so much for protecting them both, but I’m tired. I want to cry and scream.

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chelsi @buzzedsoul

Hey bro calm down… ik it hurts nd idk how it would feel to be in tht situation which ur facing but everyone have the own reasons right? Ik ur angry nd hurt but trust me… sometimes we don’t know the actual truth… nd i think rn ur mother nd sister needs uh the most I’m sorry if tht sounds offensive but think with calm mind I’m sure ur gonna find a solution… ur amazing nd I’m sure u’ll do the right thing for urself nd ur family…
Nd i hope everything will get oky soon… so stay strong ♥️

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