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I hate my self I hate the people a round me they keep make me feel priceless , I did everything in my life till this moment because of my father she carried a huge load more than her small hands and for her good heart , yes everything I did and do for her to make her rest , she struggle alot to make me and my other sister in good position , but our country is now hard than before I really feel bad about myself I tried to help myself and my mother every time I fall and another failure .
I don’t know tried alot finally I thought that this life is not suitable for me it’s hurt it’s hard it’s keep make me feel priceless .I don’t know what to do
Is suicide solutions ?
I don’t know what to do
I feel nothing
I feel powerless
And completely depressed

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Tasheena @tasheena

suicide is not really an option, Ive been there before and i thought it was an option too. But really, it leaves things worse for the ones you love. It breaks their heart and it changes who you are mentally. How would your sister feel if you werent there for her? And your dad and mother, they would be broken that their child committed suicide. It would make them feel like they were failures to you. Every one was given a life for a purpose and sometimes there are alot of other people going through the exact same thing or worse and they may feel the same way. you are not alone. You have the power to be happy and be positive and to love your self. Love is a sacred power that everyone finds in their life. Your not done living so go out and find your purpose and do the best you can do. And if you fail then get up and try again until you succeed. Just know that your life is worth living. I hope you feel better.


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Thanks for your positive energy .
But feel freezing I feel nothing , I do not like this life anymore


me too babygirl


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