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I hate my mother. I’m 27…not some edgy teen as it may appear. I feel my reasons a re valid…but then again not many people like me either. I m so angry for her “assistance” in making me the self loather that I am…her denial doesn’t make it any better. I wish she would reconcile for the hurt shes given me…not physically or sexually like my father…who’s a bigger piece of shit…but mentally for waning my spirit down…which as a female hurts worse. I don’t even feel like a person …just an empty shell with sparks of emotion here an there that often go into flames with anger.

I am a terrible person for it. But I don’t care anymore I need to admit it to make the hurt go away…people wish they had a mother… I couldn’t care less about mine…I’m an angry soul and it’s apparent. I sound terrible but it’s liberating. Not every family is worth being around. And besides they shut me out when they made me into this monster…it’s their own fault and I’m suffering for it.

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Dreamer @aheadofthecurve

It’s okay! Just vent it out , just because they’re our family doesn’t mean we have to love them , it’s our choice.

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rishab @hrishabh

Remember her divisions may be wrong but her intentions won’t be wrong.


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