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I hate my mother a lot. She has ruined my entire life. I never wanted to continue my higher studies in Kolkata. I never wanted to study in CU. She created a scene when I tried to leave and now I am stuck here. I suffered 3 years in graduation and now in masters. My patience has been running out. I am angry, frustrated and full of hate and anxiety. I have lost my hair, my mental health, my physical health, my confidence, my love for academics and most importantly, my own self here. I don’t know if i will ever be able to come out. She destroyed me. I hate her. I wish I could die but looks like God has given me a very long life and now I have to live with this pain. This horrible life has become my reality now. I am trying to get out but idk if I will. If I can’t leave for HU in 2026 June, then I hope my life ends. I have no desire to live anymore. God never listened to me. I hope he listens to this at least.

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