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I hate my job. It has completely drained my soul. I probably should have chosen a different major. I wish I could afford going back to school. It feels like I’m never going to be capable of earning enough money to live independently.

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I definitely understand how you feel I’m currently going through the same. I finished my major and I’m currently working on a post grad thesis but I’m feeling the pressure of getting a good job and my parents look down on my major and the job I currently work in. I completely get the whole draining thing and feeling of not being stable, I’d say just keep going at your own pace in life, there is no set time to achieve anything. I noticed picking up side hobbies such as dancing and drawing really helped to ease my mind when I had really bad days in college and at work. As far as the job itself I think if it’s really impacting your life negatively you should consider leaving and finding a job you would enjoy or that doesn’t suck as much. Every major has its usefulness in some ways, I think when we look back at things after time has passed we can pick out little things we take away from that particular experience, maybe the usefulness of the major you did isn’t even related to the content you learnt but rather social interactions. I really hope this helps and that I’m not assuming too much but take care of yourself. I’m praying you get out of this rut.


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