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I hate men ,social media made me believe that every man’s dream is to cheat on his girl,they don’t have feelings, only using us… reading men’s comments make me wanna throw up, i even stoped trusting my dad and I am sooo scared to love someone. I really when I look at a guy i feel disgusted, what should I do?

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Simran @st1199

If you are from India, I can understand your concern.
But saying each man is the same is completely wrong and it isn’t true.
Everyone has their own experiences and they tell you what they faced. Some people have successful love stories. I have my friends with whom I feel safe and they make sure we are safe whenever we are with them or going somewhere alone.

It totally depends as to how we perceive someone and also are we with the right person? Some men are disgusting and we don’t realize because we are in “love”, then who’s fault is it? The man taking advantage or the women not understanding his intentions by blindly trusting and loving him? You will get your answer.

Also, it’s not only the men but women too cheat and they too pass disgusting comments. Both are wrong in certain situations. Just because men’s crimes are seen at a large level doesn’t indicate they are ONLY wrong and women are always RIGHT.

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Simran @st1199

And to clarify, everything shown on SOCIAL MEDIA isn’t right always and what they show is also not correct every time. Judging on the basis of SM isn’t worth mentioning.
People can edit, manipulate, make their own opinion and show it to the world and people like you take it seriously without understanding its depth/having your own knowledge/researching about it is also wrong.

*It holds true even if you are not from India. This is applied everywhere.


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