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I hate life…what’s the point of being here if everything that happens just makes me sad.
I sometimes imagine myself not being here and how much better it would be, no more sadness… no more pain…just silence. I don’t know how much longer I’ll last but for sure not long either, all the things that kept me going are fading.

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If the things that kept you there are fading
Why not find some newer things???
I know it is very easy for me to write
I cannot even say i can understand ur pain
Candidly i cannot understand
Rather nobody can understand or feel it
Because it is ur pain

But you are stronger than you know…

Nothing may seem right at moment

But this not permanent

Please try giving time some time…

Quitting isnot a solution…

Pls try to give ur life a second chance

Pls help urself

Pls try it

Your life is really precious
If not for anyone else
It is precious for you…
Pls dnt give up


If you are tired you are drained
But dnt give up…
Once u quit
U cannot get back…
Count on your blessings…
Life maybe very harsh or cruel attimes but that time we should try looking at those whose life is much more miserable than ours…
Life may be bad but we should be thankful it isnot worse

Pls try to unbottle ur feelings
Pls talk to someone u can trust or talk to any doctor face to face n personally…

Pls hold urself tight…
This too shall pass…
Have faith in urself…

Pls pls save urself…

Wishing you good luck n more power…
Stay strong
Stay calm .
Take care


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