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I hate it when people i know tells me i look like my papa… cos he is not my favorite person in world and it’s not happy coming home with him. he is stupid and crazy annoying person I know. he is not the kind of person you would love to be with until the day passed. i swear!


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There are somethings which we don’t like about our parents and don’t wish to inculcate in ourselves. So, anybody who is saying let them say because they don’t know everything you do, right? And i guess it’s mostly because of the same physical appearence they talk about. That we get from our parents only.

What we can do on our part and is in our hand is, not to be like them (the things we don’t like about them) and have those which we like. Be a better person for yourself and everyday see the little improvements in you which in turn later in life will make a big impact. 😃


Good thing is i have good traits from my mom unlike. my papa… and you know thinking that i will find a man with a attitude like him… tsss better be single forever.

Yeah. I can relate to it on some level.
The reality is we say we don’t want to marry but deep down we want to some extent but not want our husband to be like our father.