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I hate how I’m only 14 and want to die already.
Pathetic really…

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I was there, but I’m 17. I never thought I’d live past 16. But I managed to no die. Take a deep breath. Watch some happy short films and eat hot chips. That’s what I needed in times like that. I really hope this can help you. Also, you’re not pathetic, feelings are not pathetic and you are too amazing to be pathetic.


Its going to be okay, not pathetic at all. Im 22 and thought I wouldnt live past 12 lol. These moments that we have where we want to die are little stumps in our journey of life. Unfortunately, some of us have more than others, but at the end of the day that makes us stronger in my opinion. You’re going to live a long happy life and probably look back at this thought and laugh later on. Everything is going to get better. (: Wish the best for you.


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