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I hate going to stores on Sundays with my family, but when I do go I try my best to hide it, with this pandemic I wear a mask, so when my breathing does get uneasy I have to walk out of the store and take it off and control it. Last Sunday I was with my mom and sister and we went to this store which I forgot the name, they were shopping for clothes while I was just looking around…like I always do. Fast forward, we were paying, and this guy that worked there was trying to sell us perfumes, which has nothing wrong but it made me very uncomfortable with how social he was, he looked like a very open person and I was kinda jealous not going to lie, but overall was very uncomfortable. My mom saw smelling the perfumes and so was my sister they were ganna hand it to me but I refused since any type of perfume makes me have a headache and the stare he gave me made me feel a little bit intimidated by him. So I left the store.
I also get this feeling a lot in crowded places and I listen to music to block the voices, it gets so overwhelming when I hear so many people talking at the same time it’s an awful feeling…

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that’s OK, stick with the quiet places if it makes you happy. maybe talk to a professional about this :)


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